moving from Queens to the Queen City

On the Queens side with NYC in the background…

Reasons why you should hire a transplanted New Yorker (that would be me, btw) to help you find your new home when moving from NY to NC:

  • I will tell you where the best pizza places are – and of course, they are all owned by transplants as well.
  • You can understand my accent. (Although after 21 years down here, an occasional *y’all* may slip out – don’t judge! You’ll find you start to do it too, after awhile. Yeah, believe it. I’ll take odds on this one.
  • We are a different breed – we tell it like it is, and you’ll always know where you stand – but that’s the trademark of a good agent anyhow, in my book.
  • I can introduce you to other transplanted New Yorkers, thereby helping you to acclimate….
  • You won’t believe how much more house you can buy for the same amount you’ve paid up there. Seriously. I’ll show you.
  • The quality of life is better – you can live on or near one of our lakes, in a golf course community, or in a neighborhood close to Uptown with a great walkability factor. The choice is yours. I’m here to help.
  • When I first moved down here, I worked for FedEx as a courier. I know the streets and the neighborhoods around here better than most. They handed me a map and keys and off I went til I figured it out. I’ll save you the trouble and clue you in to what to look for, landmarks etc to help you figure it all out.
  • I know the difference between gravy and sauce. And I have my mother’s recipe – if you’re nice to me I may share it. And she’s a heckuva cook. Killer stuffing for Thanksgiving, too.
  • We will find you find the right neighborhood and house; I’ll give you recommendations on inspectors, attorneys, lenders, etc and set everything up. Even handymen/subs if you’re looking for a fixer upper, as I have a background in rehabbing and being a landlord too. I will be there to walk you through the entire process.
  • When you tell me about the commute along the LIE, BQE, Southern State Pkwy, over any of the bridges or tunnels, etc., I will completely understand and relate.
moving from Queens to the Queen City

At Howl at the Moon Piano Bar in Epicenter. You can bid and write whatever on the mirror on the stage until someone else outbids you. A fellow Queens girl came to visit. This is the result.

After marrying, we packed up and moved down here. I’ve been in NC since ’93, and Charlotte specifically since ’95. I’ve lived all over the area: first an apt then a single family house in the University area, on the southeast side near Weddington/Matthews, a townhouse/condo south side in Ballantyne, the east side in Cotswold, up in Mooresville in a Lake Norman frontage subdivision, and most recently north of Uptown in NoDa – The Arts District. I know the areas. I know how to negotiate on your behalf. And I know New Yorkers.

So call me at 704-771-9200 and let’s get started – I’ll mail you a packet from the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce so you can start to get acquainted with your new city, and set you up on an email search, if you like – targeting your specific wants and needs in a home. So, whaddya waiting for?