I am a Transplanted New Yorker. I moved here to Charlotte (aka “The Queen City”*) from Queens NY back in 1995.  And, I love it here.  Parts of it remind me of Long Island, actually. If you are thinking about moving from NY to beautiful NC, I could make arguments easily for both cities:


  • The culture and nightlife. Let’s face it, we are known as The City That Never Sleeps for a reason.  There is always something to do or someplace to go at any hour of the day.  When I go back home for a visit I try to hit the Museums and Broadway – on or off, works. At my age now, I will say, my days of going out dancing and staying till we “closed the club”, then going for breakfast, are long gone. So Charlotte’s nightlife closing at 2am, heck, I don’t even make it that late either anymore, so I don’t feel like I’m missing anything.
  • The Food. Bar none, where else can you get such ethnic diversity and authentic food?? Now, I will say Charlotte has come a long way since I first moved here.  Back then, it was all chain restaurants.  You couldn’t even get Boar’s Head cold cuts. (Sara Lee and Dietz and Watson were your choices – not nearly as good, believe me.)  Since then, other New Yorkers have moved here and realized the local transplants had a desperate need for better food choices.  A niche (and money making opportunity) waiting to be filled, Mom & Pop eateries started springing up all over the place.  The news spread like wildfire. You’d meet another New Yorker here and they would say, hey have you checked out the new bagel shop/pizzeria/insert any other ethnic eatery here? The owners are from Brooklyn/Bronx/Queens/Long Island/Jersey/insert other tri-state location here; you have to go check them out.  And you’d go, and depending on the place, see NY memorabilia on the walls, a NY map with push pins where customers would mark where they were from, etc.

Pro- Charlotte:

  • Cost of living. You can sell a half million dollar house in a middle income neighborhood in NY and buy yourself a much better quality of life here. Say, a water view home on Lake Norman/Lake Wylie/Mountain Island Lake and it feels like you’re on vacation all year round. Something similar in NY would run you probably 7 figures.
  • Thinking about moving from NY to beautiful NC?

    Ballantyne Country Club

    Drive West and you’re in the mountains, drive East and you’re at the coast. Weekend excursions rule here. Asheville – 2 hrs.  Myrtle Beach – 2 hrs, Wilmington 3.5 hrs, Savannah – 4 hrs, Charleston – 4 hrs.  And yet the lakes in our area are only around 30 mins. away from Uptown Charlotte, depending which town (Davidson, Huntersville, Cornelius, Denver, etc.)

  • Temperature/Climate: our spring and fall are the longest seasons we have here. Not brutally humid hot, or bone chilling can’t-breathe-through–your-nose- cause-its-hurts cold.  We get some snow, but it’s unusual to get a lot so you can put those snow blowers away – they just aren’t necessary here.
  • The Outdoors.  Hiking, water water rafting, gold courses galore, lake activities – wakeboarding/boating/fishing/jet skiing etc.  There’s something for everyone.

    Ballantyne golf range

Anyhow, as you can tell, I’m pretty happy here.  I’ve since retired from my 9-5 job and have become a full time Realtor.  If you’re looking for more info, and would like access to my local MLS, download the Home Scouting app online and put in my VIP code 7047719200.  It’s completely private (unlike Zillow who sells your info) and 100% accurate since the info is pulled directly from MLS. (Again, unlike Zillow which is only about 60% accurate).  At any rate, I wish you much luck with your search and decision, no matter where you decide is the best place for you to live.



Thinking about moving from NY to beautiful NC?

Lake Norman Davidson NC I-77 Exit 30



* Charlotte is often referred to as the “Queen City.” This name comes from how the city is named after Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, the queen consort of England and the wife of King George III.