Years ago, I heard of Cline’s, a fabled mystical place on acres of land with barns chock full of various interesting goodies.  In the field, claw foot tubs lay amongst other assorted items.  Mind you, this is not a place to come dressed nicely.  Be prepared to go digging through things to find the treasures.  Cline’s Country Antiques is a salvage person’s dream.  There’s no limit to the things you can buy, take home and doctor up.

Not as guarded as secret these days, the movie companies discovered Cline’s when filming here in North Carolina, however you can still find a good deal.   Old chairs, windows, doors, glass Coke bottles, ancient baby carriages suited perfectly for a haunted house attraction; you’ll find all sorts of weird and intriguing stuff.  This last trip, amongst other intriguing items, we found a Barbie Christmas Tree (no, it did not come home with me), a jukebox, stained glass windows from England, old time sleds, a merry go round horse made of concrete and a million other assorted things.

Don Cline has been in business 30 somewhat years.  He isn’t one to haggle, so just be aware.  When he tells you a price, that’s pretty much it. Happy hunting!