NoDa Has A New Farmers Market


Gone are the days of having to drive all the way over to Yorkmont or Kings Dr in order to hit the local Farmer’s Market.  Thanks to Linwell Farms’ vision, drive, and passion for all things organic, they have managed to bring together local farmers to NoDa, at the open grassy area along 36th Street and Alexander.  I finally had the opportunity to check it out this past weekend and it’s impressive. This fledging market has grown incredibly in such a short time.  We have seen others attempt to get something off the ground, but this one seems to have the power to go the duration. With a large enough space, plenty of tents, an assortment of ever growing participants with great produce and products for sale, this market has the basic ingredients to really make it work.

A great new addition to the ‘hood, people were out and about, checking out the wares and supporting the market.  There’s a real sense of community.  NoDa is the kind of neighborhood where people actually know their neighbors and socialize.  This was more than evident while at the market. Folks were out with their kids/dogs/significant others, some with coffee in hand, walking around, greeting other neighbors/friends, and leisurely shopping.  It’s a fun way to start off a Saturday morning. There were homemade breads to die for from Local Loaf Bakery, organic meats from Mary L Farm and Two Moon Family Farms, fresh flower bouquets made on site by Commonwealth Farms & Jane G Henderson Design, vegetables and fruit from Burton Farms, local wine from Dover Vineyards, seafood from Fish On Seafood , local honey from Midwood Hill Apiary, and cheeses from Ormann’s Cheese Shop, just to name a few.  I picked up some fresh mozzarella, along with a big beautiful striped tomato. Added basil from my yard and Caprese Salad was dinner that night. So good!  Next week, I’ll be checking out the organic meats and fresh loaves of bread. Be sure to get there early for the best selection. Watch for new vendors in the future as this market continues to grow…and be sure to come out and support local!

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