I went and opened a gym membership at the YMCA this time last year.  Overall, with the help of a workout (read accountability) partner, I have managed to stick with it.  We average 2-3 times per week. We have been known to fall off course at times too, but never for an extended amount of time. One of us motivates the other to get moving again.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

stand up paddling

I find I tend to get bored and have to try out new things, activities, classes. So, add to the Y; aerial arts classes at Aerial CLT, and now SUP – Stand Up Paddle at the US National Whitewater Center.  As the weather warmed up this year, I felt the need to get outside.  There are a plethora of activities to try at the USNWC if you’ve never been. It costs about $25 bucks and includes use of the paddle, the board and a Personal Floatation Device (PDF) which, word to the wise, must stay on you while out on the water at all times – it’s policy.  SUP is a nice workout, it strengths your core, legs, upper arms and shoulders as well as helps you with your balance. It wasn’t as hard to stand (and stay upright) on the board as I expected.  If you are really feeling brave, go ahead and try to do yoga poses like “Tree Pose“.

You can paddle as far as the I-85 overpass/bridge which is about a 1 mile each way, or paddle to the Mt Holly bridge which is 2 miles each way.  Many just take a leisurely paddle to the little island nearby and chill out there for a bit.  Either way, the water is still warm, its no longer blazingly hot during the day, the WWC isn’t super crowded – although the earlier you go, the better. Stay and have lunch afterwards too while you are there.  I mean, why not?

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Catawba River by US National Whitewater Center