Valued client at the closing table after making a move.

Making a Move in 2016

It’s that time of year again – the calm before the real estate storm. Homeowners everywhere are getting ready to put their houses on the market and thinking about how they’ll differentiate their property from the competition. Prospective buyers are driving through neighborhoods and determining which areas will best fit their lifestyles. Whether you’re selling your home or looking to buy, there’s no denying the process can be daunting. To help you prepare for Making a Move in 2016, we’ve compiled a list of what homebuyers are looking for, the top trends in 2016, and some easy updates you can make in preparation.  Now, those are just for the sellers out there.  If you’re a buyer, check out our Tips for Buyers Pinterest board to get some useful information about how you can find your dream home!


Who’s the Target Market?

According to the National Association of Realtors and research done by the folks at Move, Inc., Millennials (also referred to as Generation Y) are on the move and may comprise the largest segment of the buying market in 2016. This means that sellers need to adapt to the new generation’s preferences if they want to sell quickly.  Here are a few things to consider:


The New Homebuyer

Big, Open Floor Plans: If entertaining is the name of the game, then millennials want a house that will bring everyone together instead of forcing people into separate rooms.  Of course, you probably don’t have the time or budget to go knocking down walls.  Have no fear.  We think the simplest solution is to create flow through your color pallet. Plus, this doubles as a staging strategy, but more on that later.

Green Features: The upcoming generation is all about environmentally friendly features, and their approach is two-pronged.  Sure, they’re looking for ways to help out mother earth, but they’re also thinking about their pocket books.  Many of the energy efficient appliances are saving homeowners money as well as reducing effects on the planet. Here are some ways to make your home energy efficient.

Technology: Think, alarm system that can be controlled by a smart phone. While many security providers offer these upgrades at a relatively low cost, we understand you may not want to go this route just yet.  Easy upgrades? The new buyer wants a house that is cable/internet ready, and they will likely do all their research online.  It might seem like a no-brainer, but we can’t stress the importance of having your home staged and hiring a professional photographer.  If you want to do your own staging, check out our Tips for Sellers Pinterest board.  However, we still recommend talking with your Realtor (ehhm) for expert advice.

Top Trends of 2016

If you have the time and budget for other upgrades, we have a few ideas of what might give you the most bang for your buck.

The Newest Room: Backyards have often been seen as a space for entertaining or just getting away from it all. But today’s modern backyard has become a room unto itself.  Aside from a fire pit and bocce ball, outdoor areas are now sporting their own TVs and kitchens.  Check out Better Homes & Gardens 10 Ways to Create a Backyard Getaway. After implementing these upgrades, you may decide to live outside.

The Home Office: So many people are working from home that a home office is practically expected. No spare room?  No problem!  There are many ways to stage a home office while still keeping your house livable.  Just take a look at these ideas from Real Simple Magazine.

curb appeal

Bright Colors Welcome Guests

The Front Door:  Perhaps the easiest way to draw attention to your home is by painting the front door a bright color that compliments the rest of the house.  Some of the colors may seem too vibrant, but once you find the perfect shade to accompany the exterior and landscaping, this small facelift adds loads of curb appeal and will draw in prospective buyers. Here’s a simple “how to” guide. Remember, if you’re looking for more tips regarding how to make a move in 2016, I’m always willing to chat!