Some of the mortgage lenders I like to work with. These folks are reliable, communicate well, and will walk you through the process.

Leonardo D Yepes

Leonardo serves as Mortgage Banking Specialist for First National Bank of Pennsylvania. In this role; Leonardo is responsible for listening and finding mortgage solutions for customers.  “I fell into the mortgage business by chance right out of school. It was a struggle initially because I found myself unable to keep up with the salesman mentality that most had in the industry. I then had my AHA moment and realized what matters most to clients and partners alike is COMMUNICATION and INTEGRITY. I have focused on those two things ever since. A recent survey showed that nearly half of homeowners regret not shopping for a mortgage and felt they were not aware of all loan options. A mortgage is not one size fits all. I take exceptional pride in listening to my customers and explaining all options available. Sometimes, that means going with a different lender. This was my first real profession right out of school and it’s safe to say this will be my only profession. I love what I do and would love to help you find the right solution for your mortgage needs.”

If you are looking to purchase, refinance or use our signature Construction-To-Permanent Mortgage Loan product to renovate or build a new custom home; you can depend on Leonardo to guide you through the process.

Leonardo joined First National Bank in 2019, and has been in a mortgage banking consultant role since 2002. He specializes in Doctor Loans, Construction to Perm, Renovation and Jumbo Lending.

Ray Patterson

He leads a team of highly motivated loan officers that focus on one goal –providing unmatched service – a system Ray calls The MortgageRight Way. The MortgageRight Way was developed to provide his clients with a phenomenal experience – not just a mortgage. “My goal is to provide each and every client with phenomenal customer service and a WOW factor.” This is unique to our industry, which typically treats the client as just a transaction.

It begins with the first contact with the client and extends well past the closing date. It includes providing local business discounts to clients, helping them with any moving services, and even assistance on setting up utilities for their new home. Buying a home is a large piece to building wealth but it’s not the only piece. For that reason, we conduct a ‘Financial Perspective’ call to help introduce them to a local CPA and Financial Planner who can help them with a complete financial picture. Those are just a few small components of the client experience that Ray provides.

Jeff Muth

I have been a mortgage loan officer in Charlotte since 2003. After 10 years of working for another broker, I decided it was time to go out on my own. I opened Mecklenburg Mortgage with the attitude the customer is always right. Since then, we have earned a name around Charlotte for our outstanding customer service and competitive interest rates.

Page Jacobson

Bringing families home is more than my job, it’s my mission. Buying a home is a major investment and pivotal choice that affects the whole family. I will help you navigate your options and decide on the best fit for your situation. Most importantly, I will always be accessible to you no matter the time of day or week. The real estate market isn’t closed on nights/weekends, and neither should your lender. I have built my business on providing best in class customer service, while making your home buying experience enjoyable.

Movement Mortgage has an industry leading 7 day loan process which has helped us become the # 1 mortgage company in volume for purchase mortgages in the greater Charlotte area. In a competitive real estate market, being able to close quickly and working with a reputable lender can be the difference between you winning a bidding war or not.

We offer a wide variety of loan options. Below are a few of the loan options that we’re able to offer:

  • Conventional, FHA, VA, USDA
  • Jumbo
  • Down Payment Assistance Program with no money down
  • Renovation loans (Homestyle renovation and FHA 203K)

Bliss Green

My story is simple.  I’m a very proud mother of 2 sons, with a highly supportive family tribe. My hobbies are writing & hiking and traveling. Mortgage Sales  has been my profession for over 20 years.

Every day, I get the opportunity to help others reach their goals through mortgage lending. To me, math is very concrete. I solve for what is unknown for each borrower, one equation at a time. I specialize in helping veteran families, first time buyers, investors, and renovation lending. My goal is to create clarity and make your process simple for you.   Creating options, confidence, and results is how I accomplish simplicity in lending.  Working with me you can expect to save time and money.

We have a program and product for most lending needs and credit types.  We offer competitive rates and fees with streamline processing.   We lend in 50 states.  I am uniquely positioned to execute for those who are ready for immediate lending results, and also able to  create a plan for those who are not yet mortgage ready.  Regardless of who you are, we desire to deliver the lending you need to advance your goals in life. It is my pleasure to be a positive experience in this part of your life story, and I look forward to connecting with you.

Kyle Steele

I worked as a firefighter and paramedic for fifteen years, so I know what it’s like to buy a home when you aren’t paid the biggest salary. In my spare time (firefighters work ten days a month) I became a Financial Planner.

After publishing a self-help book in finance, I was recruited to work with my brothers in the mortgage industry. I love helping the little guy get through what is often the largest financial decision of their life.  My client-first approach has been successful, and for the last two years in a row, clients and realtors have recommended me, landing me in the top 1% of Loan Officers nationwide.

I’ve been a landlord since 2011, with both short and long-term homes, and love showing people the steps to both land their dream home and put themselves in a better financial position.

Nights and weekends are not a problem- let’s go.